Competition Lawn Bowls Weekend Pennant

In season 2023-24 Weekend Pennant we have three sides:
Side 1: Division 2, Section 7, Fixture, Results & Ladder links

Side 2: Division 4, Section 6, Fixture, Results & Ladder links 
Side 3: Division 7, Section 1, Fixture, Results & Ladder links 
Side 4: Division 8, Section 4, Fixture, Results & Ladder links
Sides 1-3 have 16 players. Side 4 has 12 players and is combined with Mount Waverley Bowls Club.

All Pennant fixtures, results and ladders are available on the Bowls Victoria Bowlslink Competition Portal. When they are availbale the following will apply:

To access the Bowlslink fixture, results and ladder for each of our sides above click the Fixtures, Results & Ladder link after the appropriate side above. 

Also, on yopur own device you can pin a shortcut to the Portal home screen for quick access to your sides’s Division/Section results & ladder.

To do this:
- Note your side’s Division & Section above and the instructions below.
- Open the Portal by clicking/touching
here (or via the BowlsVic website).
- Click/touch your side’s Pennant & Division.
- Click/touch the green *PIN button next to your side’s section.
A shortcut to your side’s results and ladder will appear under PINNED ITEMS on the Portal home screen, on your access device.

We collect the information on pennant day so we the club and your rink can always strive to improve.
We encourage you to look at the report and it’s numbers and then come to training with your own objectives.
Any of the coaching staff and selectors can assist with it’s information. Please text Luke for the password – 0438 779 227